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10-07-2005, 11:25 AM
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Katrina Clap The Video
Katrina Clap: The Video
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10-07-2005, 11:37 AM
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Re: hmmmm.....
Shelley Wrote:

any thoughts?

I'm not surprised at all. I think the answer to this question that we continue to encounter is found in realizing that this country is a "nation of nations" and that regardless of the bigger "human" picture, there is fear and ignorance so overwhelmingly ingrained in each group towards the others (not to forget towards eachother, i.e. class etc.) and we have to deal with that reality accordingly.

We don't need to romanticize anything and try to create our own state. We don't need to romanticize anything and try to "integrate" or demand "civil rights".

We need to realize that BOTH are romantic because they overlook the REALITY of America. And that reality is what America is at it's heart even without some "evil" enemy that we like to conjure up...

The ethnic groups that make up this country do not want to assimilate into the dominate group. BUT they can co-exist on a mutual basis. That is to say just look at this article, they are willing to give to the red cross, but they WILL NOT let them into their community -- not because they HATE black people but because they are thinking ahead in a purely stategic sense... here are outsiders and if we let them in they may stay...

So, it's not a surprise and it's truely logical if we realize the structure and character of the REAL america.
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10-09-2005, 04:51 AM
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You're right, it isn't surprising at all, rather it's expected....of them. I guess that's where my main concerns lie. In our own nation-building efforts, how do we DEAL with this "reality" and successfully navigate the structure and character of America without actually subscribing to it ourselves? Indeed, their response is "ethnically strategic," but I hope it's not the kind of strategy we plan to bolster. How do we NOT become like this? If we do, wouldn't that be a form of mental, psychological assimilation? Because this just can't be EVERYONE'S reality??? (say it ain't so!)

Reality is subjective, right? But, if we co-exist on a mutual basis yet still subscribe to this reality (which undisputedly is dominated by one particular group here in America, although other ethnic groups have their fair share of group fears and prejudices), aren't we really saying that this reality is normative? Then, wouldn't we just be living like we are now anyway but under the fallacy of "mutual, co-existence?" (co-existing SOUNDS good, but not if it's still being dictated by someone else's terms of reality...)

(warning: Pisces idealism approaching....)
What I'm saying is.... I understand the necessity of being strategic and effective when functioning in a system (eg. penning an amicus curae brief v.s. simply marching to the supreme court), but instead of just ACCEPTING (acknowledging, recognizing) this reality you refer to, dealing "accordingly" and building our nation around it, is it ever going to be possible to function in another reality--our reality--that is slightly more "human-centered?" With that said, if there WERE such a human-centered reality now, wouldn't that make their response ABSURD instead of logical and strategic? I don't know, man... :?
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10-12-2005, 03:39 PM
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Reality, then some.
I think yeah. But first, we have to BEGIN to deal with the reality of ethnic group America I think. I don't think the desire is to live in this polarized America. But the doors do have to be shut at some point if just so that we can hear eachother.

I think once those conversations have not just taken place, but are common place along with the nationalist mentality, then I think it's inevitable that we "join" the other ethnic groups in creating a better America, a better Africa, a better world.

A white girl got beat up and robbed last night on my block. She came to the door, I let her in, offered her some Peroxide. Called the police. She shook my hand and left.

Now that was humanity at work. Although if I saw her today she might not remember my face.

This is why I think we need to extend that "is the personal political" conversation... because in these ways... the personal, the HUMANITY is NOT political... politically me and Dave were sitting on the couch talking about BLACK NATIONALISM at THE MOMENT she knocked on the door. But we put that aside to deal with another human beings problems... but as soon as that urgent human need was taken care of we went back to being political beings.

So we have to navigate the waters... I think on an individual, day by day basis people are gonna be human...

But listening to Cruse, its the groups action, the institutionalized and systematic lackings that we need to build up... in that way we a good enough portion of our humanity ("pure being" as they call it on I Love Huckabees) while working as political beings toward a group political agenda -- that really is just so we can be humans 24/7. (We are inevitably drawn from "pure being" into the everpresent human drama... as the lady says in Huckabees)...

But it's naive to think that if everyone JUST "IS" human, we will be able to be human... Cruse says that works for the priviledged class, for the artist and student who functions in the integrated realms of art and academia... but the common folk is left behind.

So that's the sacrifice. We take partial humanity so that everyone can taste it wholly one day. In that we sacrifice tasting it wholly TO-DAY.
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03-24-2006, 01:40 PM
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Red Cross Sifting Internal Charges Over Katrina Aid
Red Cross Sifting Internal Charges Over Katrina Aid
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