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The Natalie Johnson Lee/Don Samuels race for city council
09-27-2006, 10:20 AM
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The Natalie Johnson Lee/Don Samuels race for city council
I wanted to revisit the whole 5th Ward race last year for myself mostly. I wanted to get my own thoughts straight. But I figured others may also have thoughts that might be important to share so that we can try and reach some closing and clarity on what went right, wrong, and what didn't happen at all and needs to happen still. The whole thing turned into a huge soapopera and ultimately left normal folks outcast from the issues and the process of selecting someone based on how they run on the issues. Specific proposals were never really marketed to us. We never really heard what one person wanted to do that was so much better than the other person, it could have been a great opportunity to expand a "marketplace of ideas" so to speak and get us thinking, but instead it turned into another long drawn-out shouting and screaming and venting process.

I've included an excellent City Pages article that I found very informative and balanced. Read that HERE

Also The Minneapolis Observer had a sort blog about it that attracted some interesting dialogue HERE

Also MNspeak has some conversation on it as well HERE
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09-27-2006, 01:27 PM
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It seems to me that Nathalie should probably had come out and said that she didnt support the comments from Flowers and Lee on at least on their tactic and misplacement in the electoral race more cause they were just distracting from the issues, even if she didn't want to disown the merit, or even if the merit could not be proven.

She should probably have been aware of and told her husband to chill with the sly actions of purchasing and redirecting it to the trendsetter website, if that rumor is indeed true. It seems to be tho, I saw the "WhoIS" listing and it had his name for a brief time as the owner of that domain.

And this quote was interesting:
Quote:What we need to remember is how/why Don Samuels even made mention of the 'porn magazine'. And also, that it came straight from his mouth, not anyone elses. In the debate which is accessible on the KFAI program archives under Conversations with Al McFarlane, Don was rebutting Natalie's so-called accomplishments and telling her that she is taking credit in her campaign lit for projects that she actually opposed 4 years ago (Block E specifically). He asked her when did she change her mind? Was it when they (major tenant's of Block E) started buying full page ads in her husbands porn magazine. He also referred to it again later in the debate, when Natalie talked about bringing jobs, Don said he would bring jobs, and not the degrading stripper jobs that are advertised in her husbands "porn magazine." Now about the City Pages, if Don's opponents family published it, and used it to push their political agenda, he might take issue with it, pointing out the quality of character that is exposed around these subjects.
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