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Art Project
08-22-2006, 08:19 PM
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Art Project
More powerful than the impassioned rattlings of a million angry keyboards, these paintings document our national political meltdown.
Postal Art Cards

offered free in packs of 45. No strings attached
Free Offer

Draloo Arts
I recognize that it requires a great leap of faith to send your postal address to a stranger. Send a P.O. Box or your work address if it makes you feel more at ease. Use your name and your next door neighbor's address if you like. If you think that, perhaps, I may be a serial killer compiling a list of victims for a nationwide rampage, then you have been watching far too much cable news programming. If you suspect that I am engaged in a cleverly designed NSA program gathering intelligence about the disloyal, you have been spending too much time at the computer. The address you provide will be used only to mail your cards.
I Promise.
mike woolard
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