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THur.8/10 Strib: MPD targeting N Mpls gangs
08-10-2006, 09:40 AM
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THur.8/10 Strib: MPD targeting N Mpls gangs
This article is NOT [posted on the MInneapolis Star Tribune website--although it's on the front page of today's newspaper.Mineapolis police plan to focus on North MInneapolis gangs--what they're calling three 'new,small less organized gangs":named:
Emerson Murder Boyz, Tre Tre Crips and 19 Block Dip Set. MPD alleges that Tre Tre Crips is resposnsible for the murfer of the pizza delivery driver Toura Xiong and possibly also Sterling Horton. Concerns are raised about both racial profiling and also that violent crime is up 50% in the Fourth Precinct.

PEACE Foundation organizer,Gawolo Kpissay said "I know some of the kids in these gangs and I know they do bad things. But, I've also seen them do good stuff within their family."

Is there a way to reach out to bring some of these youth as part of the dialogue at the TC Community Forum at the annual Celebration of Hop Hop? What clarity might come from listening to these alienated youth?
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