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Levee Plans Fall Short of FEMA Standards
03-31-2006, 12:11 PM
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Levee Plans Fall Short of FEMA Standards
Levee Plans Fall Short of FEMA Standards

Okay this is getting f$%^& retarded...

Quote:New Orleans's levees do not meet the standards that the Federal Emergency Management Agency requires for its flood protection program, federal officials said yesterday — and they added that the problem would take as much as $6 billion to fix.

And guess who suffers most???

Quote:Although people can rebuild without the federal flood maps today, many homeowners may well decide that the risks of rebuilding are too great. The Louisiana Recovery Authority has said that its plan to provide grants to those who rebuild will favor those who meet FEMA requirements.

And I would hope that you don't even need to guess who's most likely to meet those requirements.
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