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Wolf Hawk Jaguar / "Throw The Rope" (The Orishas Are Speaking English Now) [video]
03-07-2011, 09:53 AM (This post was last modified: 03-08-2011 04:31 PM by achali.)
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Wolf Hawk Jaguar / "Throw The Rope" (The Orishas Are Speaking English Now) [video]
Healing, Magic and Master Gardeners / George Washington Carver and Osayin

Creative Statement: A Powerful Diviner holds session at the Corner House at the Crossroads. Whenever she comes to offer her divination services the waiting room at the Corner House at the Crossroads fills to capacity. Today is no exception. A Powerful Diviner knows the language of the Orisa and translates it into Black American English. Her interpretations are a rope thrown to those seeking truths that unlock the keys to the past, present, and future. After one is shown their root and destiny, A Powerful Diviner helps those who accept that they must help themselves before the rope can be thrown for others.

Have You Ever Needed Answers? Have you exhausted all your senses and still left unsure of what direction to go? Then you are in need of divination. At the apex of indecision lives the Orisa named Esu. Esu is the owner of the road, the holder of Ashe.

In the Lower Bottoms of West Oakland Ca.12ft Esu controls the Corner House at the Crossroads. He is the gate-keeper and stands at the door of A Powerful Diviner. 12ft Esu chooses from the many, hears their pleas, and accepts as well as denies their offerings. When it is your turn, 12ft Esu calls you forward to make your plea and present your offerings. Some travelers are allowed to see A Powerful Diviner. Some travelers are laughed at by Esu just to see how serious they were. Other travelers wonder around the waiting room singing and making their pleas to any and all who would listen.

WolfHawkJaguar has been visiting the waiting room at the Corner House at the Crossroads for seven years. The waiting room is red and black and sits at the crossroads. After seven years of indecision plaguing his existence and blocking his way, his time has finally come to find his purpose.

In those seven years of time, he traveled through The Doors Of No Return and reconnected with his Ancestors. His Ancestors lead him back again and again to the Corner House at the Crossroads in Oakland, California to find his Ashe. Seven years of drifting with no apparent intention, like a cork in the ocean moving with the tides, he has lost his purpose. On this particular night, he is one of the few selected by 12ft Esu to be read by A Powerful Diviner.

His testimonial on this night is very moving and heartfelt. Everyone in the waiting room cheers when he is finally called. A Powerful Diviner and WolfHawkJaguar immediately connect. She sees something in WolfHawkJaguar that had been buried a long time ago. It appears WolfHawkJaguar has the power to clear the path; he has Ogun on his head. She presents him with his machete and informs him the Orisa would soon be speaking through him...his mission, "Throw The Rope".

The chaos surrounding people of Afrikan descent can be directly traced to the disconnect they have with their Ancestors and with the spirituality their Ancestors practiced before the coming of the Arab and European to Afrika. This is before being transported against their will to build the Americas where they lived as slaves and 3/5's of a human being as proclaimed by the United States House of Representatives in 1787. As you can imagine in today's violent times of self doubt and self hate, there has never been a shortage of Black Americans needing the services of A Powerful Diviner.

For many, many moons, the language of the Orisa was coded in Yoruba, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Creole. Slave Masters and Oppressors in the America's did their best to prevent the language of the Orisa from being spoke. European deities given by the Oppressor took the place of the deities (Orisa) the Afrikans slaves came to this country with. Those who knew the language of the Orisa were said to practice the feared, "Black Magic". They were called witch doctors, pagans, heathens, and devil worshippers. They were the first ones tortured, killed, and separated from the others. Once you know the truth and worth of your root, separation and alienation can no longer occur, all that's left to do..."Throw The Rope"
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