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Farrakhan in Newark // Like neglected cancer, "it's too late"
02-17-2011, 11:23 AM (This post was last modified: 03-12-2011 12:16 AM by achali.)
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Farrakhan in Newark // Like neglected cancer, "it's too late"

Farrakhan: We are too late ... we are reaping the recompense of our failure as a people to do something for ourselves...

Radio Host: we have faith we can probably do this ... all we have to do is energize the people to sort of do for themselves, and I know you believe in that.

Farrakhan: You know what? No brother, I'm sorry. I can't tell you that you gon' turn this around. I would be deceitful, and it's an illusion now. You know when somebody has not done something for cancer, when they find it. And now they wait, they wait, they wait, then their in a cancer 4 stage situation and the cancer as mestatisized and gone through the body, you can HOPE that you can change things around, and bring them back to life. But the negligence of not doing what you should do in a timely fashion, is when you decide to do it it's too late. Do you know that right now you can preach to our people and only the best of our people will hear a word and change their behaviour. This is written in the scripture ... The book of Ezekiel, in the 37th chapter, of the dry bones in the valley ... The son of man preached the word to them. They heard the word. They shook in the valley. They rattled their bones in the valley. But they never stood up. So he went back to his sender and said I preach to them, but they are not moving. He said, propheci, not to them anymore, but to the wind to blow on these bones. And it was not the word that made these bones stand up, it was the winds blowing on them. I fear to tell you brothers, that the winds are blowing, and they're not blowing as hard as they're gonna blow in this year 2011, and 2012. America is on her way down, and we have been depending on others, rather than ourselves and God. So as that ship goes down, ours is going down with it ... If you look at Newark, which is a sign of things to come, the whole society is gradually breaking down ... I been talking like this, and Elijah Muhammed before me, and Malcolm. Garvey's been warning us. We have heard, we have shook, we have rattled, but we never stood up.

Address to gangs/street organizations in Newark.

Farrakhan: You all have become tribes, clans ... They keep you fighting against each other until Sitting Bull, or somebody, comes along that makes you able to see each other as one people, and not a tribe. And whoever has the wisdom to break down the barriers that separate us from one another becomes the most dangerous individual to the aim of white people to dominate the black, hispanic and the people of color of our planet ... As a Muslim we feel the pain of a fellow Muslim. It's like this body of yours, somebody step on your toe, your toe don't say nothin', it's your mouth that opens. Because there's a connect between your mouth and your toe, through a nervous system. And what the enemy does not want, is a replication of a nervous system to be developed among us as a people that when one of us aches all of us feel that pain. And when we are like that, we'll stop the enemy all over the country. You don't have to ask him to stop police brutality, we stop it ourselves when we feel each other's pain. But if someone can kill our Christian family, and we don't feel their pain, then there's a disconnect here. If somebody can hang one of our brothers in Georgia, and we read about it in Newark and don't feel, we're not tied anymore ... You are the best that we've ever produced. You are stronger than what we were in the 60s, you just need guidance ... Martin Luther King said, I've seen the promised land, I may not get there with you, but we as a people will get to the promised land. We at look at the present enemy as a giant. He got the land, he got the power. How you think these young people feel when they elect you to office and you have no balls? How the hell you think young people feel when you the head of the house but you too damn weak to exercise power over the house that you the head of? I'm through, but don't call me if you don't wanna hear it. Cause I'm sick of this kind of foolishness. You have a black mayor, you have a black city council that's controlled ... If you call it like it is the enemy will back up, but if you're too afraid to open your mouth to speak for the voiceless poor, you a fagot and you need to get out of the job ... You need a knowledge that make you love yourself.

David Foster Wallace: on Reading and Television (community vs. "networks")

Odious Obama's Path to Hell
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03-21-2011, 04:42 PM
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RE: Farrakhan in Newark // Like neglected cancer, "it's too late"
Farrakhan warns, advises Obama on Libya:
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